Stud rams breeding season 2016-2017


Ram 1907-30054 (91/88) (f. 3213-24453 (91/89) m. A-ewe 1907-27815) is the champion of the winter shows in Apeldoorn and Sint-Oedenrode. He took the bronze in the final at the Amt-Delden-show and last summer was part of the selection of 10 best in the show at Didam. His pedigree shows 5 A-ewes in line. The ram is well balanced and is gifted with his fathers superior muscling. At the Sint-Oedenrode-show he weighed 88 kg and was the heaviest young ram on the show.


We used ram  03213-24453 (91/89) (breeder G. Michels) for two years (2015 and 2016) He not only is the father of ram 1907-30054, but not less than 8 of his ram lambs entered this years flockbook with a general appearance of AV 88. The ram has a superior muscling and is well developed (height 74, length 86 en depth 39). Alongside ram 30054, ram 1907-30075 also took the first position in his heat at the Amt-Delden Christmas show. A third son of his, ram 1907-30059 (owner Koos Tjepkema) won both North Holland winter shows at Texel and Midden Beemster.


A-ewe 1907-27815 is the mother of  30054. She's a luxury ewe with development and a lot of length. On our news page she's to be seen together with her mother A-ewe 1907-23771 as a shearling. Nice detail: together with her sister (ewe 27816) they were born twins to a one year old ewe and consequently all three became A-ewes. 



The champion pictures of the young rams at the Apeldoorn show: our homebred 30054 champion and a ram lam we bought, 3213-86397 (breeder G. Michels) ( head 90, dev. 88, muscling 88, balance 90, breed caracter 89, legs 87, fleece 89, GA 88, H: 65, L: 76, D: 32) became champion in reserve.


Ram 3214-09635 took the first place in his heat both at the Apeldoorn and Sint-Oedenrode shows. He's a meaty luxury ram with a nice head and good proportions. He entered the flockbook with: head 88, dev. 88, musc. 90, balance 89, breed caracter 88, legs 87, fleece 88, GA 88