On this page we like to give a survey of the rams which were of influence.

If possible we illustrate with available photographs.


In the early nineties A-ram 4030 1289 and flock mate 4066 581 often were each others concurrent for the championship. Both were remakable stud rams.


ram 4513 0200 was bred by our colleague Wim Janssen, out of two exceptional parents: ram 4066 662 and ewe 4030 1129


lambs by 4513 200 which were born in the 4030-flock: this is how he made them, square muscled with super heads


1907 1349: this ram born in 1998 was ahead of his time. He was most impressive because of his length and development. He carried the bloodlines of three leading flocks: Kikkert, Kroon en Verberne.


1851 4013: This van Aken bred ram shows a beautifull upstanding and balance. He's a construction of mainly Verberne and Kikkert bloodlines. He's the father of ram 1907 1700


1907 1700: the eweline of this ram goes back to a well breeding Kroon-sheep. His correct and muscled appearence provided him with the champions title more then once


champions group of three ramlambs at MariŽnheem (f. 1700)


shearling ewe champion in reserve Didam 2005: 1907 1950 (f. 1700)


Ram 4513 444 on his turn is a son of 1907 1700 out of a 3938 3226 mother. He carries the blood of three leading rams who were known for their ability to pass their development to their decendence.


Ram 4030 2982 was the first ARR-ARR ram that was rewarded with an A for general appearance. We used him in his first year and at that time we could'nt guess how influential he would prove to be in the following years. He became the star of the first decennium.


Ram 4030 3309 was a super muscled son by 2982. He signed for the paternity of ram 4030 3532.


For us ram 4030 3532 was THE MONUMENT in the history of our flock. Only the good die young: in only one tupping season he gave us a series of superb ewes: not less then 8 of them recieved an "A" for general appearance, they were unbeatable in the showring. 

shearling championsgroep of stud ram: father 4030 3532 - Didam 2005


shearling ewe 1907 1924: national champion 2005 (f 3532)


Champion and champion in reserve Didam 2005: 1907 1922 (f.3532) en 1950 (f. 1700)


Ewes champions group  Didam 2007 (f.3532)


Ewes championship Didam 2008: ewe 1907 1936 became champion (also national ewe champion 2008) and ewe 1907 1924 (nr5) champion in reserve (both daughters of 4030 3532)


Ewe champion Didam 2007: 1907 1924, als shearling ewe champion at the national championships in 2005 (f. 3532)



For the moment ram 1907 2050 is the latest "absolute" star born in our flock. The ram was extremely muscled, trait which he consequently passed to his progeny together with a most beautifull caracter.


2050: male champion Didam 2007


best group of fout ram lambs Didam 2007 (f. 2050)


best group of four ewe lambs Didam 2007 (f. 2050)


best progeny group Didam 2007 (f. 2050)


Stud rams season 2009-2010

the sheep were served by three rams:


RAM 4030 4250


4030 4250 (on the right) with mother 4030 3901 and brother 4030 4249 (summer 2008)


4030 4250 (summer 2009  - shearling)


4030 4250 (summer 2009  - shearling)


4030 4250 male shearling champion Den Brug 2009 (champ. Ambt Delden 2008, Den Hoorn 2009)



RAM 5897 1389

Ram 5897 1389 is an eye-catcher due to his 100% correct appearance, his balance and development (h: 75, l: 87, bd:38 98 kg on 12/7/09).

breeder: Theo Van Deyne      f. 0228 2100

5897 1389 in working outfit : Male shearling champion "Dag van het Schaap" + Marienheem + Odiliapeel



A-Ram 0228 2100


A-Ram 0228 2100 is a son of A-ram 0228 1928. 2100 took the championship at several occasions and is part of the select club of rams that really makes the difference when it comes to breeding qualities.



best 10 ram lambs Didam 2007 (four of them by 2050)