We proudly present our Texel flock, a passion for many years


Our goals:

* a heavy muscled sheep with a good developement in height, length and weight,

        * a high health standard (maedi visna free and TSE genetic resistance: group 1),

* easy lambing and prolific (2 lambs a ewe),

* vitality and a high maternal ability are extremely important: our ewes are to delever their lambs easily and have to raise lambs with a high growth rate.

Moreover we are strict adepts to sheep demonstrating the Texel sheep traits; showing the specific caracter stays important. All in all we love a functional, vital and well balanced sheep that thrives in any flock and thus is the ultimate stud ram for flockbook breeding as well as the production of high quality butcherlambs.

All our sheep cary the ARR/ARR genotype and the flock is maidi-visna monitored.

If you're interested in our products or if you wish to obtain information, please feel welcome to contact or visit us.

Next to famous rams born in our own flock, we especially used rams bred by C.KROON, C.KIKKERT and fam. van AKEN